Leather & Gemstones Eyeglass Cord

Regular price $11.00

  • Genuine Leather & Gemstones
  • 25" "Floating" Chain
  • Custom Hard Rubber Connector
  • USPS 3 day shipping $3.07
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Trendy, Stylish & Functional
  • $11.00 Each

Handmade of Black & Natural Leather & Gemstones.

You choose from Turquoise, Black or White pearl, Bamboo Coral, Pewter & Jade. 

This Eyeglass Eyeglass Cord is casual, functional and strong. Sturdy yet delicate looking. I use my custom hard rubber bands that are refitted with a narrower slide bead for a non-slip hold on your eyeglasses.

At 25 inches long it is long enough to hang in front of your shirt so as not to get tangled in your clothing.

If you are a wearer of eyeglass cords and chains like I am, you know that they are an integral part of your wardrobe. I wanted to create pieces that I could wear, love and that I could feel pretty in. 

Each chain is made by hand and each pearl is unique. Except for the bead and stone type expect slight variations in color. Supplies of the particular bead stock is limited. I only sell what I have produced so stock is also limited