Namaste - Om (Aum) Symbol Pallet Art in Amethyst Glass

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The Om symbol, also sometimes known as the Namaste symbol, is written in Sanskrit with each part of the symbol representing one of the 5 states of consciousness.

The "sculpture" is made of Silver colored mirrored Glass on a rustic pallet art that measures 14" x 27".  Can be hung on any surface. Many hours are put into each creations and much care is taken to make the symbol's curve precise. The Silver colored glass has many different tones and sparkles in all light. Feng Shue note: The mirrored sides of the glass are very small and do not reflect images only light and do not apply to the rules of Feng Shue.

The natural aged distress of the boards will vary board to board. Boards are not sanded and are white washed. Pallets boards are re-cycled. Glass is adhered completely and does not come loose once hung. Perfect for an entry hall or yoga room or guest bedroom.